How to Go from Simple Flirting to a Good Relationship

You were on vacations, met someone and that summer flirt was not enough for you, but you want to go further and have a relationship with him. If this is your case, or your case looks like this somehow, then you ‘d better start reading the below tips on how to go from a simple flirt to a relationship!

Do not let him just imagine the “together”.

At the beginning, we all unconsciously go through the process of imagining what it would be like to be together with the person we like. Usually, women get excited about this fantasy, while men at this stage, especially if they like her, imagine all the problems they would have if they were with her. There are many men, who despite the fact that they may want a woman very much, they are very hesitant to be with her, because they think they may be weak or inadequate for her.

Be honest!

If you want to have this person in your life, after the summer holidays, you should better speak honestly with them. You do not have to tell him everything about your life, but for sure, not say anything that is a lie or an exaggeration. For example, don’t introduce yourself as Lara Croft while you normally don’t get off your couch, just to make you look exciting and adventurous!


There is nothing more fascinating than a nice, cheerful, open-minded, humorous person. Men and women go crazy for those who laugh at their jokes. Don’t be afraid of smiling!

Do not rush and wait for a while.

Take the time to get to know each other. It would be better to go out regularly and see what it is like to be with this person. It may seem a bit frustrating to you now, but it’s not. Taking small steps, not only confirms your attraction to someone, but it increases it as you get to know more about each other’s character.

The rush and pressure often make the one or the other to get trapped in fear and step back. Most importantly, do not start discussing from the very first date, about your potential promising future, unless you are sure enough that you both like each other. Don’t forget that the relationship has not started yet!

Don’t talk so much and listen!

Sometimes both women and men become very talkative and do not let the other person speak. This is often because of embarrassment or because they want to impress the other side. Try to manage it properly and let him speak, so you can get to know him better and finally see if this is what you really want.